Sleazy Sloth Syndicate

A captivating art-based NFT collection featuring 1,800 unique Sleazy Sloth collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain.
Sleazy Sloth holders can participate in exclusive events such as NFT airdrops, raffles, community giveaways, and more.

Official links:
Sleazy Sloth Syndicate on Twitter
Sleazy Sloth Syndicate on Opensea
Sleazy Sloth: The Wock on Opensea (Free airdrop to Sleazy Sloth holders)
Sleazy Sloth: Enforcers Expansion on Opensea (Free airdrop to Sleazy Sloth holders)
Sleazy Sloth Art on Opensea (Free airdrop to Sleazy Sloth holders)


1,800 Sleazers

Unique collectible characters on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ownership Rights

Consumer receives ownership rights over their NFT.

170+ Traits

Over 170 traits hand drawn by talented web3 artists.

Future Airdrops

Every Sleazy Sloth has companions. Lookout for Enforcers and Wocks joining the fun soon.

In a forgotten corner of the metropolis, where shadows dance to the rhythm of dimly lit streets, an intriguing universe unfolds. Welcome to the world of the Sleazy Sloth Syndicate—a place where sloths reign supreme, not as the gentle creatures we know them to be, but as hustlers and sleazy characters thriving in an urban environment.

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After many marketing efforts, the Sleazy Sloth Syndicate sale concluded on October 21st, 2021, with 1,800 sloths sold out of the originally planned 10,000.

Collectors benefits:

✅ NFT giveaways 
✅ Heist 1 
✅ Heist 2 
✅ Back Alley Royal Rumble 1
✅ Art airdrop: “The Back Alley” & “Fast Food Sleaze”
✅ Back Alley Royal Rumble 2 + Art upgrade 
✅ Back Alley Royal Rumble 3 + Art upgrade 
✅ TRIBE leaders unlocked (Lion Killer & Ape Killer) 
Enforcers Expansion: Generative PFP collection (3:1 airdrop)
✅ Art airdrop 2: Sleazy Halloween (Sleddy vs Slayson) 
The Wock: Generative PFP collection (2:1 airdrop)
📌 Metaverse integration in partnership with NetVrk

The Back Alley.