Sleazy Sloth Syndicate

A curated boutique collection of 1,800 sloths on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Official links:
Sleazy Sloth Syndicate on Twitter
Sleazy Sloth Syndicate on Opensea
Sleazy Sloth: The Wock on Opensea
Sleazy Sloth: Enforcers Expansion on Opensea
Sleazy Sloth Art on Opensea

1,800 Sleazers

Unique collectible characters on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ownership Rights

Consumer receives ownership rights over their NFT.

170+ Traits

Over 170 traits hand drawn by talented web3 artists.

Future Airdrops

The bad guy is here!
Now lookout for his friends hitting your wallet.


0% sold: Sleazy Sloth Syndicate launch / Website goes live / Twitter page goes live / Discord goes live
20% sold: Merch store / USDT giveaway
40% sold: Website upgrade / USDT giveaway
60% sold: Sleazy Sloth comic vol. 1 / First heist
80% sold: Last good deed from the sloth (animal conservation donation) / Second heist
100% sold: Sleazy Sloth Syndicate DAO / Second collection airdrop / Special airdrop for 10 random genesis minters / Sleazy Sloth Hall of Fame established / USDT giveaway / Multi-chain bridge w/ $LUNA

After many marketing efforts Sleazy Sloth Syndicate sale concluded Oct. 21st 2021, with 1,800 sloths sold (<20%)

Final roadmap:

✅ NFT giveaways 
✅ Heist 1 
✅ Heist 2 
✅ Back Alley Royal Rumble 1
✅ Art airdrop: “The Back Alley” & “Fast Food Sleaze”
✅ Back Alley Royal Rumble 2 + Art upgrade 
✅ Back Alley Royal Rumble 3 + Art upgrade 
✅ TRIBE leaders unlocked (Lion Killer & Ape Killer) 
Enforcers Expansion: Generative PFP collection (3-for-1 airdrop)
✅ Art airdrop 2: Sleazy Halloween (Sleddy vs Slayson) 
The Wock: Generative PFP collection (2-for-1 airdrop)
📌 Metaverse integration in partnership with NetVrk

Stay sleazy frens.